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Important Notice to our Customers

Notice to ATC Customers (NOTAC) March 2014
Our books are now being offered via the Apple App Store and GooglePlay!
Dear Valued Customer,
In response to your requests, we are creating e-ditions of our books.
Happy Take-offs and Down-loads.
ATC Library for Android:
ATC Library for iPad:
*iPad version is awaiting an update, and will be functional soon. Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, due to increased production costs, we have had to adjust the retail price of a number of our titles, as follows:

Basic Aeronautical  Knowledge            now $75.00 inc GST

Flying Training Manual                            now $75.00 inc GST

Log Book                                                    now $26.00 inc GST

Flight Radio                                                now $33.00 inc GST

NB: The above adjustments have a consequential effect on the price of the Student Pilot Kit which is now priced at $179.00 (representing a saving of $30.00 on the individual price total). 

In the PPL/CPL series, the following have been adjusted to $44.00:

Aircraft General Knowledge;



Navigation; and

Human Factors.

Also recent costs have forced us to raise the price of Aircraft Operation, Performance and Planning to $77.00.

This has resulted in an increase to the cost of the PPL/CPL kit to $300.00 (now a saving of $41.00).

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