BAK Review 5 Q/A17

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
Review 5
Question 17 (page 187)
Answer 17 (page 457)
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Review 5, Question 17 should read:
What are VMC, below 10,000ft?
In Class C & E airspace;
In Class G above 3,000 ft;
In Class D; and
In Class G airspace at or below 3,000ft AMSL or 1,000ft AGL whichever is the higher.

Page 457 answers to Review 5 Q.17 should read:
17. VMC below 10,000ft are:
Class C and E airspace: vis 5,000m, distance from cloud, 1,000ft vertically and 1,500m horizontally;
Class G airspace: 3,000 to 10,000ft:  same as Class C;
Class D airspace: vis 5,000m, from cloud – 1,000ft above, 500ft below and 600m horizontal; and
Class G airspace below 3,000ft: vis 5,000m, clear of cloud and in sight of ground or water.