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Flight Radio for Pilots
VFR Operations

In 2018 CASA introduced the AROC which is described at the following site and link:
AROC: https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/aeronautical-radio-operator-certificate-aroc
Information sheet: Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) information sheet.

For those of us holding the old Flight Radiotelephone Operator’s Licence (FROL) there is a transition period wherein the old licence can be converted to the new certificate. To quote the CASA notice:

What if I already hold an authorisation?

Old aeronautical radio operator certificates and flight radiotelephone operator licences issued under the Civil Aviation Regulations cannot be used from 1 September 2018.
However, the transition provisions allow holders of these authorisations to convert to an equivalent Part 64 authorisation up until 31 August 2025.
Please note, from 1 September 2018, CASA will charge of fee of $25 to reissue a Part 64 authorisation.

Our book, ‘Flight Radio for Pilots – VFR Operations’, will be revised accordingly.

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