New editions: FRAL, IR, Flight Radio

Flight Rules & Air Law – PPL/CPL
A new edition of FRAL is now available. It contains updated references and content to align with changes to the regulations and AIP.
It is important for all pilots to have this latest information.

Flight Rules & Air Law
Nineteenth Edition
ISBN (Printed) 978-0-949499-00-4
ISBN (Digital) 978-0-949499-01-1

Flight Radio for Pilots – VFR
Flight radio has changed little in terms of procedures and techniques. Minor changes with respect to the AIP references and locator beacons have been incorporated in this latest edition.

Flight Radio for Pilots – VFR Operations 
Eleventh Edition
ISBN (Printed) 978-0-949499-04-2 
ISBN (Digital) 978-0-949499-05-9

Instrument Rating
While the techniques and procedures for instrument flight have changed little, the Instrument Rating book contains many references to the AIP and CASRs. These have all been updated in this newest edition. We have also added to the information regarding GNSS, Performance Based Navigation and RVSM.

Instrument Rating: Theory & Practice
Third Edition
ISBN (Printed): 978-0-949499-02-8
ISBN (Digital): 978-0-949499-03-5