About Aviation Theory

The Aviation Theory Centre Story

Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) is a Australian family owned business, that was developed to provide the aviation industry the highest quality training manuals and reference media for pilots – for all license levels and ratings.

The company has been in existence for more than twenty-five years, originating in Melbourne and relocating to Brisbane in 2009. Aviation Theory Centre researches, authors, illustrates, and edits all of its own material. Aviation Theory Centre has established a network of consultants who advise, critique and edit the drafts.

Our Manuals Are CASA Compliant

The Australian series of manuals complies with the CASA syllabus which in turn, is aligned with ICAO requirements. Aviation Theory Centre has also prepared books for publication in the US and UK through partner companies, ASA and Pooleys, respectively.

Australian Defence Force

In 2004, Aviation Theory Centre was awarded a contract to develop a library of reference texts for aircrew of the Australian Defence Force (Army, Navy and Air Force). These manuals are available to Defence personnel only – as electronic books. The set of e-manuals is called the Professional ADF Aviators’ Reference Manual (PAARM). It is now in its fifth edition.