Replacement of Trend Type Forecasts (TTF)

NOTAC Replacement of Trend Type Forecasts (TTF) with three-hourly Terminal Aerodrome forecasts (TAF 3).The Bureau of Meteorology has advised that as of 05 November 2020, the TTF will be replaced…

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BAK Review 5 Q/A17

Basic Aeronautical KnowledgeReview 5Question 17 (page 187)Answer 17 (page 457)Downloadable Addendum available.The digital version has been updated. Review 5, Question 17 should read:What are VMC, below 10,000ft?In Class C &…

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Notice regarding hyperventilation

Instrument RatingHuman Factors PPL/CPLHuman Being Pilot It has been brought to our attention that the remedial action for hyperventilation, of breathing into a paper bag, is no longer recommended. Reference:…

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Aerodrome categories (General)

From August 2020, aerodromes were re-categorised as: Regulated (CERT);Unregulated (UNCR); orMilitary (MIL). The classification of REG has been subsumed within CERT. (ref: CASR part 139)

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