Flight Rules and Air Law for the Air Transport Pilot

Flight Rules and Air Law for the Air Transport Pilot

Corrected Question/Answer: Q52
page 12

BAK 4th Edition Approach & Landing

BAK 4th Edition
Approach & Landing

Replacement pages.

BAK (Figure 5-7) UPDATE

BAK (Figure 5-7)
Runway and taxiway markings UPDATE

Student Pilots Licences change (BAK)

NOTAC to all Student Pilots using ATC Books and specifically BAK (3rd Edition).
The regulations regarding Student Pilots Licences have changed. The revised regulations are contained herein.

Night Flight (2nd Ed – Chapter 4)

While the principles of night VFR flight have not changed, there are changes to regulatory issues as a result of Part 61.
These changes in legislation have been incorporated in the new edition.

If you have the previous edition you may download this PDF of the new Chapter 4 regarding the Part 61 changes.

Instrument Rating (2nd Edition) page 191

Instrument Rating (2nd Edition) page 191

Correction in diagram

Aircraft General Knowledge – 2nd Edition pg249

Aircraft General Knowledge
2nd Edition

Correction: Answer to #24
Page: 249

Meteorology – fractions

Meteorology fractions:

page 25
page 79

The fractions have been made visible.

The DIGITAL BOOKSTORE version has been automatically updated.
Aircraft Operation… – Work Booklet

Aircraft Operation, Performance and Planning – Work Booklet (printable PDF)

Aerodynamics – Appendix 4

Aerodynamics – Appendix 4
(First Edition)

Equation fix.
#24 on page 220 (or page 206, depending on print run).

Aircraft Operation, Performance & Planning (5th)

Aircraft Operation, Performance & Planning
(5th Edition)
page 72

Fractions have been corrected.

ATPL Flight Rules & Air Law – Part 2 Questions

It has come to our attention that there is a mis-alignment between the questions and answers in Part 2 of ATPL FRAL.

Please disregard question 29 and then adjust the numerical order of the following questions accordingly.
They will then correctly align with the answers.

Please download Chapter 2 here.

ATPL Flight Rules & Air Law – CASR Part 61

CASR 1998 Part 61 introduced changes to flight crew licensing in Australia.
This is an interim advice for our customers until we can produce a new edition of our book.
Apologies – but we are struggling to cope.

ATC Night Flight Addendum

UPDATE: CASR PART 61  DATE: 27/01/2015

As of 01 Sept 2014 the regulations regarding Flight Crew Licensing in Australia were changed. The new regulations are contained in CASR Part 61. Extracts which relate to the instrument ratings are contained herein. Please visit the CASA web-site for more comprehensive information.

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