CASA Examinations (September 2021 update)

From 02 December 2021 the CASA exams will change to reflect regulatory changes. Most questions for most subjects, remain unchanged but please check the CASA link if you are about to sit an examination – especially Flight Rules and Air Law.
Please check this link and open the pages regarding your relevant examination, the workbook and the permitted materials.
There are links for all of these, below.

Flight operations regulations – exams

Most flight crew licensing exams will change on 2 December 2021. This is because the questions will be updated to reflect changes to the flight operations regulations.

The aeronautical knowledge requirements in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) Part 61 Manual of Standards (MOS), Schedule 3 are also being updated.

Impact on current exams

On and from 2 December 2021, exam content will reflect the changes introduced by the new flight operations regulations.

This will apply even if you are studying for a flight crew licence and some of your exams fall before 2 December 2021 and some afterwards.

The majority of questions will remain unchanged. Questions on new requirements, or questions that have changed significantly from 2 December 2021, will be phased in gradually. This will give theory providers and exam candidates time to get across the changes.

Candidates should make allowance for the fact that if they fail an exam on 1 December 2021, they will be required to re-sit the exam on the new flight operations regulations. Even if you sit an examination before 2 December 2021, you may still be examined on any new requirements from 2 December 2021 as part of the flight test for your licence.

Exams completed before 2 December 2021 will test the regulations that are in effect before 2 December 2021.

Flight crew licence exams affected

  • ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence)
    • AALW – Air Law
    • APLA/APLH – Aeroplane and Helicopter Performance and Loading
    • AOSA/AOSH – Aeroplane and Helicopter Conversion
  • CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence)
    • CFPA/ CFPH – Aeroplane and Helicopter Operation, Performance and Flight Planning
    • CLWA/ CLWH – Aeroplane and Helicopter Flight Rules and Air Law
    • COSA /COSH – Aeroplane and Helicopter Overseas Conversion
  • CPL-B (Commercial Pilot Licence – Balloon)
    • CLWB – Balloon Flight Rules and Air Law
    • COPB – Balloon Operations
  • PPL (Private Pilot Licence)
    • PPLA/PPLH – Aeroplane and Helicopter
  • RPL (Recreational Pilot Licence)
    • RPLA/RPLH – Aeroplane and Helicopter
    • RPLN – Navigation

Ratings exams affected

  • AGRA/AGRH – Aeroplane and Helicopter Aerial Application Rating
  • IREX/PIFR – Instrument Rating/Private Instrument Rating