Recent CASA regulatory changes

Dear ATC customer,
No doubt you have heard of the many and frequent legislative changes introduced by CASA over the past months. 
It has not been possible to be ahead of the changes as we have no prior notification.
Instead, we utilise addenda, NOTACS and if required, total reprints to accommodate those changes.

Major legislation changes
Customers will note that the CASA is progressively transitioning the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) to the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). In addition to CASR, new manual of standards (MOS) and advisory circulars (AC) have been developed. The ACs replace the Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAPs). Customers should take note of CASR parts 91 for general operations, and parts 121 and 135 for air transport operations (previously RPT and Charter).

The current status is as follows
Flight Rules & Air Law (PPL/CPL) – a new edition (22nd) is now available.
Flight Rules & Air Law (ATPL) – a new edition (8th) is now available.
Instrument Rating – a new edition (6th) is now available.
Flying Training Manual – a comprehensive addendum has been released.
Aircraft Operation, Performance and Planning PPL/CPL – has an addendum.
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge – has an addendum including a chapter replacement.

Note: All addenda are downloadable PDFs and are available for free.