In Safe Hands


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A guide for not-so-comfortable airline travellers on “things that go bump in the flight”.

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Very easy to read and interesting. Full of useful advice. Essential reading for the nervous flyer. It has also been used by some airlines for flight attendant training.

In Safe Hands

The How & Why of Airline Travel

Some time ago, we were asked to prepare a series of lectures for business executives who travelled frequently by air. Being ‘thinkers’, they were sensitive to the noises, motions and other sensations that they experienced in flight-occurrences to which they were exposed, but about which nothing was explained. This lecture series, titled, ‘Things that go bump in the Flight’, was well received and became the basis for a booklet for the aerial traveller.

Subsequently, we discussed the project with several Flight Attendants – who obviously have most contact with the passengers and are mostly asked to explain what is happening. They were not only very positive about the idea but suggested that if the detail was further developed, it could be suitable as a reference for the cabin crew and even used as part of their training program.

Thus, ‘In Safe Hands’ came about. It is hoped that it will go a long way towards explaining and easing concerns about what is the safest form of long distance travel ever developed. Despite the media attention, it is one where the human element is extremely reliable.

Relax and enjoy the in-flight service.

Rest assured. You are not only, ‘In Safe Hands’ but in this day and age, ’In Safer Hands’.

Second edition
December 2014

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