Aircraft Operation, Performance & Planning


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This volume includes weight-and-balance calculations, loading and all factors that must be considered to calculate take-off, climb, cruise, descent and landing performance. It also describes the use of ERSA to establish aerodrome criteria. Planning considerations of PNR, ETP, diversions and alternates are also covered. The manual is packaged with a work booklet for performance and loading calculations.

The PPL/CPL manuals provide a complete set of reference texts for all examination subjects. They are prepared in accordance with the CASA Syllabus for both levels of licence and are the perfect preparation for the composite PPL and the single subject CPL cyber exams. They are true to the depth of knowledge requirements of the syllabus and do not attempt to be an easy passage.

A downloadable PDF addendum is available for this book.

Aircraft Operation, Performance & Planning
Seventh Edition
November 2022

ISBN (Printed): 978-0-949499-52-3
ISBN (Digital): 978-0-949499-53-0

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